Policies and Rules of Conduct

Mariposa Beach Club

Policies and Rules of Conduct

At Mariposa Beach Club, we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible! We aim to help guests create beautiful family memories at this Beach Home with a special Santorini flavor. This is a Private Beach complex with six independent house modules.

For us to do so, we would truly appreciate it if you could follow these house rules and confirm that it has been reviewed WITHIN 48 HOURS OF YOUR BOOKING. This is to ensure that if there is any reason the House Rules cannot be followed, you, our guest, can cancel the booking penalty-free as we have a Strict Cancellation policy.

Thank you in advance, and I truly appreciate your cooperation!

  • Since additional guests will be within the premises, we ask you to respect your neighbors.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the home. Extra cleaning fees will be applied to remove odors and stains.
  • PLEASE WASH YOUR DISHES after use. If dishes are not washed, extra cleaning fees may be applied
  • Please acknowledge that occasionally, we may leave consumables such as condiments or snacks left behind by previous guests if they are not empty. We try our very best to ensure that they are not expired or stale. HOWEVER, ultimately, it is up to the guest’s discretion and inspection to consume these items if they wish. The host does not take any responsibility for the consumables.
  • Please do not rearrange our furniture.
  • If you would like to host an event (e.g., a wedding, graduation, or party), please speak with us first. Events are allowed but must be coordinated with the host staff.
  • If guests are found to have had a party without the host’s permission, which results in extra cleaning, guests will be responsible for extra cleaning charges, and in the unfortunate event of disruptions alerting neighbors, GUESTS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY.
  • Guests are informed this is a Private Beach complex, and guests will enjoy loud music and late nights.  However, no indecent behavior will be allowed since kids will be on the premises.
  • If guests are suspected of carrying and/or using illegal drugs of any kind, the authorities will be engaged, and GUESTS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY.
  • Lastly, because this is an Airbnb community, not a hotel, and is also a home, please respect the property and keep it clean before you leave. (Respect our property and our things)


There is Private parking by the lobby entrance.


The pool area closes at 10 pm. To avoid injury, no bombing or running in the pool area. Children are not allowed in the swimming pool area without an adult actively supervising the space for safety, and there is no lifeguard on the premises.  No drinking glasses or bottles will be taken into the pool area – only plastic items are allowed.

Gardens & Common areas

Some garden areas have palm trees and other plants to beautify the area. Please keep an eye on small children when in the shared garden spaces. Other species of flora may cause skin irritation if held. The common areas are clean, and we expect you to keep them clean. There are garbage bins all over the place to deposit your unused items.


The minimarket is available for you to purchase anything you might need.  I will also have water sports items for rent.

Bar Café Oia

The bar Café offers Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pizzas, and cold drinks for sale as they become available. The prices are set at the bar Café for review.

We also offer a complete menu with prior reservations.  Since the facilities and services are exclusive to our guests, we do not allow non-guests to visit our facilities.  If you celebrate a special occasion, we can make the event a memorable experience.  Count on us for an unforgettable experience.

If you have read it this far, THANK YOU for being a SUPER GUEST!

Please reply so that I know that the house rules have been reviewed.