The History of

Mariposa Beach Club

María José Solis was born in a very picturesque town called Estanzuelas in the Department of Usulután in El Salvador.  As the daughter of a very successful farmer, she grew up in a family environment with her parents and younger brother in a land with astonishing views.

Unfortunately, all that healthy life that his family had led to a drastic change in the civil war that the country experienced, turning that region into the central point of this war conflict.  During the day, the military invaded the hacienda in search of guerrillas and took with authority what they wanted most.  At night, the guerrillas came to the hacienda to ask for food and transport the sick and pregnant women.  When there were confrontations, bullets entered the adobe walls of the hacienda, forcing them to seek refuge under beds and areas where a bullet would not hit them.  The town’s central park was full of lifeless bodies and heads on sticks, giving the message that the insurrection was not going to be tolerated.

María José was a 15-year-old girl, and her brother was only 12 years old when their father decided to abandon the entire farm he was in charge of to protect his family.  This is how María José arrived at a completely strange system to which she was accustomed.  Without knowing the language or having friends, this self-conscious girl who had consequences from those experiences in her country, which left her with blemishes that never existed, decided to adapt.  As the years went by and she was doing her best to accept her new life in this new system, María José graduated from university as an accountant and met the person who dedicated the time to her change.  Successful businessman and author Javier Solis began a journey of change in María José’s life with training in public speaking, business skills, critical thinking, political influence, and everything in which she now excels.

This change reflects the Metamorphosis of which few living beings are part, and the butterfly is a clear example of this change.  Like a butterfly, María Jose left that child self-conscious with fears and frustrations to become a successful businesswoman and role model for many Latinas who seek to be inspired and create a legacy for our people.

This is the story that led to the construction of Mariposa Beach Club, which was created from an abandoned land on the most beautiful beaches in the East of the country to a luxury beach complex with unique architecture inspired by the Santorini Islands in the Mediterranean, a tourism icon in the country.

We hope you enjoy it.